Current developments in the field of training and movement sciences, kinesiological, physiological, technical and tactical examination, intervention and scientific studies that contribute to the performance development of athletes at optimum level.

Genetic tests that can be applied to professional athletes, athletes candidates or individuals who will start sports can be used to determine what type of exercise they are suitable for, to prevent disability, recovery, sudden athlete deaths, and to use science and technology for the benefit of sport.

The effects of exercise duration, severity, type and frequency on physiological mechanism, determination of adaptations before, during and after exercise in individuals, exercise prescriptions and recommendations.

Healthy nutrition, athlete nutrition and its importance, pre-competition, during and after the competition nutrition, which nutrients performance development / negative effects, branch-specific nutrition program, diet and weight control in athletes, doping and ergogenic substance supplementation and contributing to this field studies.

The basic principles of exercise that contribute to the physiological and psychological development of physically or mentally disabled individuals, integration of disabled and healthy individuals, branches active in disabled individuals, special Olympics and winter sports, scientific studies that contribute to the development of disabled athletes.

Sports management and law, sports law in our country and abroad, the status and working conditions of athletes, legal and criminal responsibilities in sports, the protection and rewarding of successful athletes in the field of scientific studies.